dataset of product ls5_level1_scene
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ancillary_quality DEFINITIVE creation_dt 2016-05-24 13:25:19 creation_time 2016-05-24 13:25:19 format GeoTIFF gqa gqa_abs_iterative_mean_xy nan gqa_abs_xy nan gqa_cep90 nan gqa_error_message No reference or backup reference imagery available. gqa_final_gcp_count 0 gqa_iterative_mean_xy nan gqa_iterative_stddev_xy nan gqa_mean_xy nan gqa_ref_source gqa_stddev_xy nan gsi ASA id 9e888488-21b3-11e6-81e9-a0000100fe80 instrument TM label LS5_TM_SYS_P31_GALPGS01-002_108_068_20031116 lat -12.508 to -10.624 lon 126.501 to 128.664 orbit platform LANDSAT_5 product_level L1G product_type level1 sat_path 108 to 108 sat_row 68 to 68 time 2003-11-16 01:13:14 to 2003-11-16 01:13:40


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