dataset of product ls5_level1_scene
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ancillary_quality PREDICTIVE creation_dt 2016-08-11 07:43:32 creation_time 2016-08-11 07:43:32 format GeoTIFF gqa gqa_abs_iterative_mean_xy nan gqa_abs_xy nan gqa_cep90 nan gqa_error_message No GCP's were found. gqa_final_gcp_count 0 gqa_iterative_mean_xy nan gqa_iterative_stddev_xy nan gqa_mean_xy nan gqa_ref_source GQA_v3 gqa_stddev_xy nan gsi ASA id 5b003986-30d3-4551-b1bf-0d318e4e43d6 instrument TM label LS5_TM_SYS_P31_GALPGS01-002_090_087_19930902 lat -39.891 to -37.892 lon 147.177 to 150.011 orbit platform LANDSAT_5 product_level L1G product_type level1 sat_path 90 to 90 sat_row 87 to 87 time 1993-09-02 23:13:38 to 1993-09-02 23:14:05


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