product of type eo3_landsat_l1
Geoscience Australia Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper Level 1 Collection 3

Extending August 1986 to November 2011
2,700 datasets

Location (from sampling)

  • file:///g/data/da82/AODH/GA/L1/Landsat/C1/088_080/LT50880801987263/LT05_L1TP_088080_19870920_20181105_01_T2.odc-metadata.yaml
  • file:///g/data/da82/AODH/GA/L1/Landsat/C1/088_080/LT50880801997162/LT05_L1TP_088080_19970611_20181113_01_T1.odc-metadata.yaml
  • file:///g/data/da82/AODH/GA/L1/Landsat/C1/088_081/LT50880811996288/LT05_L1TP_088081_19961014_20181113_01_T1.odc-metadata.yaml


dataset_maturity eo_gsd 30.0 format GeoTIFF instrument TM landsat_data_type L1TP platform landsat-5 product_family level1

Searchable fields

cloud_cover double Cloud cover percentage [0, 100]
creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
crs_raw string The raw CRS string as it appears in metadata
eo_sun_azimuth double Sun azimuth angle
eo_sun_elevation double Sun elevation angle
label string Label
landsat_product_id string Landsat Product ID
landsat_scene_id string Landsat Scene ID
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
region_code string Spatial reference code from the provider. For Landsat region_code is a scene path row: '{:03d}{:03d}.format(path,row)'. For Sentinel it is MGRS code. In general it is a unique string identifier that datasets covering roughly the same spatial region share.
time datetime-range Acquisition time range


blue / band01 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
green / band02 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
red / band03 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
nir / band04 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
swir_1 / band05 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
swir_2 / band07 uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535
quality / bqa uint16 with units 1 and nodata 65535